Hi, I'm Bradley.
I watch over the elk farm. My job on this website is to keep you updated on events that I see happening on the farm. The big news right now is a new FARM STORE:

Our farm store is open and we are getting ready for the holidays. We have a new "supply" of meat so there are a variety of steaks, great sausages (sweet Italian, hot Italian, and breakfast), plus ground elk of course. We have lots of roasts. One of our favorite recipes for the holidays is "Elk Roast with Swedish Black Curant Marinade" from our friends in Sweden, of course! We are having an open house for the holidays in December. I will keep you posted.

The farm is open to sell elk meat now, check out the Hours and Directions section of this website for details.

Some facts about me:
I am a 3 and half year old English Mastiff and was born on this property with 9 other puppies. My mom, Bronwyn, lives here too. She is almost 8 years old. She is fawn colored and I am a brindle (dark and light). One of the boys in town calls my color "camouflage." I like that! No one can see me in the dark! I weigh 200 pounds and people say that I have a very BIG head. I am friendly, but I do have a couple of bad habits: I drool and snore (it comes with the breed).

I love to play in the water in the pond on the property, so sometimes I am a bit wet when I greet people. I do like to chase the elk, staying on my side of the fence. The elk tease me and I just can't resist. It is now a game that we play. Elk do NOT like dogs, even me.